About Uncle Brave design 關於勇伯設計

Uncle Brave is meaning "Yung Bo" of Chinese pronunciation. "Yung" means Brave and "Bo" means uncle. "Yung Bo" is often used to describe "a brave man" in Taiwanese Language to pronounce "Yung Bei". As "Yung" is my name:"Lee Yung-Chi" within, and "Yung Bo" is more intimate nickname which often call me by friends. Although very brave is not describe me suitably, but I always believe my name is complement my lack of capacity rather than namesake. It does not mean that I am particularly timid, but "brave" always remind me do not think too much, just do it courageously at hesitant and anxious time. This is orgin of Uncle Brave design.

「勇伯」,是台語常常用來形容 一個勇敢的人的中文書寫的方式,台語唸做「雍唄」。因為我的名字「李勇志」裡面的「勇」的關係,常常就會有同學朋友叫我「勇伯」,往往是親切感居多,因為說是十分勇敢也不適合形容我。 但我總是相信,我的名字是我自身欠缺的補足,而不是人如其名。也不是說我特別膽小, 而是「勇敢」,總是在猶豫不決、徬徨失落的時候,提醒自己:不用想太多就勇敢大膽地去做吧!這就是勇伯設計的由來。

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